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DE LILOU Brazil Nut Oil

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  • The exquisite golden yellow DE LILOU Brazil nut oil is cold pressed from nuts harvested from wild collection. More than 400 collectors (“castanheiros”) from the Amazon region are supported by experts in order to obtain organic oil of the highest quality and purity.

    Our 100% pure DE LILOU Brazil nut oil is manufactured with a great deal of care and in very small batches, meaning that this treasure of a product is always at its absolute freshest!

    This fast-absorbing, light and at the same time rich oil binds moisture in the skin with its soft and gentle texture without clogging the pores. A multi-purpose oil with a balanced combination of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids and a high volume of antioxidants such as selenium and tocopherols, which improve skin elasticity and reduce premature signs of ageing.

    The perfect beauty treatment that can be used as a facial oil for all skin types, to firm the skin around the neck, as an additive for your favourite face cream, foundation or body lotion, as a body oil, as lip care, as a make-up remover, for the hands and fragile nails, for the feet, as hair care and heat protection for blow-drying.

  • Apply morning and evening after cleansing to face, neck and décolleté.

    Apply as body oil to damp skin or add to bath water for velvety soft skin.

    Mix a few drops with your favourite face cream or foundation to enhance the positive effects.

    Apply a few drops to the nails and massage into the nail bed.

    Use it as lip care in its pure form or heat the Brazil nut oil with an equal amount of honey while stirring constantly until it reaches a pleasant temperature and apply to the lips.

    Use as heat protection for blow-drying. For more shine and less frizz, work a few drops into the hair. 

  • Bertholletia Excelsa (Brazil Nut) Seed Oil*

    * Ingredient from Organic Farming.

    100 % of the overall ingredients are from Organic Farming.